by Scott Yeomans
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Some 1990s - Present Club Officers
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The 1990s began with the club being notified by Ct DEP that it had 9 months to cease shooting over the railroad right-of-way.  This deadline was met as effective September 30, 1990, all trap shooting was moved to the new fields by the upper club house.  Progress continued to be made on the upper club house, including CL&P bringing power to the building, the installation of a wood stove and the drilling of a well.  The building was considered completed in late 1991.

Dues and fees for 1992 were, Dues $60, initiation fee $60, land acquisition fee $80 and an additional $60 would be due for those members that didn't meet the 12 hour work rule.  1992 also brought discussion of installing a skeet field.  This plan was abandoned in 1993 as there was not sufficient interest to justify the considerable expense that building a field would involve.

There were a number of proposed by-laws and rule changes were presented in 1994.  One proposal was to change the by-laws to allow for women to be members in their own right.  At the time, women were members only by being a part of a male members family.  This proposal failed when it came to a vote in 1995. Women would not be able to apply for out-right membership for a few more years.  Also related to women's participation, was a proposal to eliminate the club rule stating "Ladies are not permitted to visit the Club on Tuesday night."  This also failed to gain approval at the time.  The one by-law change that did garner approval was the establishment of a "Life Member" category of membership.  The granting of Life Member status would be decided by the BOD and could be awarded to those members that had at least 20 consecutive years of membership and had contributed significantly to the club.  The Life Membership designation exempts the holder from paying further dues and meeting the work requirement.

In 1996, the club once again contracted with the Rossi Corporation to have its property logged.  The club received $13,024 as a result of the harvest.  The club allocated these funds to the kitchen expansion fund.

Land Purchase

Deciding to take a more pro-active approach to acquiring additional land, in 1997, the club contacted Mr. Barger, a neighboring land owner, about the possibility of purchasing all or some of his land.  Mr. Barger came to the September meeting and offered his land to the club for $3,000 an acre.  This would value his 127 acres at $381,000.  Just the land thought to be in Andover, 55 acres,  would cost $165,000.  Talks continued over the years.  In 1999 the club had the property appraised.  This appraisal put the value of the property at $750 per acre or $92,250.   Finally, in 2003, the club purchased 49.3 acres on the northwest side of its existing property, from Mr. Barger for a little less than $200,000   This purchase, combined with the origin purchase made in the 1950s and the land swap made in the 1980s constitutes the clubs 137.8 acres at the present time (2011).

During the summer/fall  of 1999, a new building was erected at the Rifle/Pistol range (the current building - 2011).  This is also the year that the first voice activated release system was purchased for one of the trap fields, cost $995.  The system was such a hit that a second system was purchased almost immediately. 


In 2004, the name of the ASC stock corporation was changed from "A.S.C. Incorporated" to "ASC Real Estate, Inc."  This is also the year that the club began leasing a small portion of the property near the upper club house to SNET Co. for the erection and operation of a cell tower.

In 2009, it was decided to ban smoking in the club houses and the membership limit was raised to 250.  The first automatic defibrillator was purchased by the club this year.  Since then, two more defibrillators have been purchased.  Each of the club houses has one, as does the Rifle/Pistol range building.


Pistol Range
Skeet House

Some Current Views of the Club Property
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The Origin and History of the

Andover Sportsman's Club

Andover, Connecticut
Skeet House construction - May - October, 2014